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I'm a photographer providing honest & authentic images that tell the stories of your connection
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Stephanie & Jared were in town from St. Louis the weekend of their engagement session.  They had visited family in southern Indiana and then headed up to Indy before going back to St. Louis.  They wanted to do some photos in a canoe, which I was more than thrilled about because it’s one of the things on my photography dreams list.  We started off on the canoe (definitely should have done the canoe photos at the end, but they were closing shortly after we arrived) and captured some lovely images.
Immediately following the 2 images above, they fell in the water.  I have never felt so awful.  I was beside myself.  They took it on, grabbed their pup, got out of the water, and were as happy as clams! (Well…at least they seemed to b be!)

After the fall, Stehanie and Jared were up for drying off, changing clothes, and continuing on, which was AWESOME.  Talk about troopers!

They brought berries they had picked that morning at Jared’s grandma’s patch and played a game of checkers.

The light was magnificent! 

Stephanie & Jared, the world’s biggest THANK YOU goes to you for this session.  I had such an amazing time with you!

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  1. Dawn says:

    Beautiful!! Love these!

  2. Ryan says:

    Love you guys! Great pictures!

  3. brittany gisi says:

    Steph and Jared! The pictures are great! Love them all!

  4. marissa says:

    px of the plop into water would be neat too

  5. marissa says:

    your talent will be snapped up by a major magazine–love your px, especially your action/water/nature ones

  6. Jo Ann says:

    Love the canoe shots…..but my favorite one seems to be missing!! lol

  7. Lauren Thomas says:

    These are all SO cute!! Love the picnic basket and wine/grapes. Another fave is when dodger with his head sticking off the side of the canoe!

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Hello, I'm

a photographer providing honest & authentic images that tell the stories of your connection

Inspired by the beauty of nature, the transition of a woman into motherhood, the wonders & curiosity of childhood, and the joys & challenges of family life, Emily creates photographs from a deep, soulful place rooted in connection and presence.

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