Hello, I'm Emily Layne

Professional child wrangler, lead photographer, light-seeker, and addict of intentional living

As a mother of 3, I completely understand - you're in the trenches. A lot of times you might even feel you're living in constant chaos. So do I. 

But, together, we will dig deeper. We'll unveil, in image form, the feelings you have encapsulated within the midst of that chaos. Because we all know it's there. You care so deeply about them and they feel the same about you. It's just hard to see yourself the way they see you. But, in these sessions, we'll do just that. You'll have images that preserve this season of life, but also bring light to the beauty of you, right now, exactly as your children see you. 

Beauty is found in

the midst of chaos.

I Believe

A messy life

is a fun life. 

I Believe

Time is fleeting,

but the next season will be just as sweet.

I Believe

Light has the ability

to shift emotions

I Believe


Trust / 


Vulunderability /



I strand strong in my beliefs of these things and when the families I work with feel the same, we're able to make the most honest images together. Images that reflect much more than their appearances. Images that tell the stories of their lives, unique souls, connections, and love. 


01. Light

02. Connection 

03. Childhood

04. Home

05. Nature

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You deserve photographs that are as unique as your family is. You deserve to remember this sweet, messy season.