Hello, I'm Emily Layne

A mother of 3 and slow flow photographer living in the midwest 

Weaving my days and relationships together through film imagery has become a way of intentionally living my own life and helping you savor and remember your days, as well. 

Inspired by making tiny moments magical, the joyful wonder of childhood, the simple rhythms of everyday, and the challenging journey of parenthood, I strive to create images that are quiet + tender and  wildly joyful. Images that help you see yourself in a more clear and beautiful way. Images that help center and comfort you.  Images that celebrate your growth and presence.

Beauty is found in

the midst of chaos.

I Believe

A messy life

is a fun life. 

I Believe

Time is fleeting,

but the next season will be just as sweet.

I Believe

Light has the ability

to shift emotions

I Believe


Trust / 


Vulunderability /



I stand strong in my beliefs of these things and when the families I work with feel the same, we're able to make the most honest images together. Images that reflect much more than their appearances. Images that tell the stories of their lives, unique souls, connections, and love. 


01. Light

02. Connection 

03. Childhood

04. Home

05. Nature

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You deserve photographs that are as unique as your family is. You deserve to remember this sweet, messy season.