Slow Flow Family Sessions

Celebrating this beautiful + messy life you are crafting each and every day

I believe the photographs that mean the most won't be the ones that show how lovely everyone looked,

but the ones that remind you how it felt to be loved by each other.

I believe in intentionally preserving the what this season feels like for both you and your children so they're always reminded of what it felt like to be loved by you.





rooted in connection and presence

We’ll roam around and fall into your flow of playfulness, vulnerability, and joy. No harsh time constraints - we'll share a simple, easy flowing session together.

Package Details

Slow Fl;ow Session

 A session 4-6 hours in length. 

We'll really sink into your rhythm at home. We'll chat beforehand so we have a plan made together for a slow morning and evening together doing your favorite things with your most loved people. 

You can also split the 4 hours between two 2 hour sessions within 24 hours (these work great for an evening together followed by a morning the next day, often including those first moments after the kids wake up)

$2,200 if booked before August 1, 2023. Price increases on August 1st. 

*For those local to Indy, please see the Locals Only page for pricing details

- Payment plans are always available

book a 

It's about...

The way you connect with each other

The rhythms and routines of your everyday

Holding on to the little treasures of the way they love on you and vice versa

The tiny moments of joy and the hard ones, too.

Wondering more about slow flow sessions?
Explore the FAQs or send a note. I'd love to chat with you.




Let's Make Something

Beautiful Together

Reach out and share your vision for our time together. I can't wait to hear from you.