Katelyn & Matt /// Chicago Engagement Photography


This session is so special to me.  I met Katelyn and Matt the day I moved into my dorm freshman year of college.  That was 5 years ago.  In that 5 years, I’ve lived with Katelyn in the same house or dorm for 3 years.  I’ve Skyped with her many times while she’s traveled abroad.  I’ve thought of her a million times–every time I see a giraffe, my mind goes to Katelyn.  We’ve danced at weddings and I’ve visited them in Chicago. Katelyn has been there for me during sad times (Remember when I said we Skyped while she was abroad?  I forgot to mention that the Skyping took place early in the morning here, in the states and super late in Spain, almost every day. She’s a saint!)  She has also made it a point to celebrate with me during the happiest times of my life.

And this celebration?  This celebration is theirs.  Their engagement!

Katelyn loves giraffes and Matt LOVES his Jordans.  So the above two photos were needed. 🙂 As for Matt?  It has always been so evident to me how much he absolutely loves this woman.  Beyond words, actually.  Oh, he’s also incredibly kind, respectful, and genuine. Just wait until you hear the real story how I met him. 🙂 

Katelyn and Matt, I love you. So much.

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