Let love


“Let love be your reason. Let love be your drive.

Let love fill you with power and the authentic purpose of being who you really are. Let love heal your hurts and inspire your actions.

Have the courage, acceptance and humility to feel love fully. Have the strength and confidence to give your love freely.

Let love fill your thoughts with goodness and your intentions with kindness. Let love brighten every corner of your world.

Let love flow abundantly from you before you can even think about it. Let love illuminate the unique and miraculous richness in every unfolding moment.

Let love live within you, and spread beauty through all you do. Let love be, with all you have and all you are.”

— Ralph Marston

  1. CuppySkully says:

    Very inspiring. It’s sweet to be reminded that you cant simply just go through the days like robots. We need to feel love and give love. Thank you for sharing.

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