Kelsey & Kyle…Engaged!


Kelsey and Kyle recently got engaged and are planning a wedding for the summer of 2012. Kelsey is my “greek grandma” (hard to explain), and I hadn’t seen her in awhile, so it was great to catch up. I really enjoyed meeting Kyle, too! They’re both teachers so we had lots to talk about. 🙂

We started off at an ice skating rink. Yes, I was nervous. I’m not a very good ice skater and when you add taking pictures simultaneously…yeah, you get the picture. But, it worked out fine. I didn’t fall or drop my camera and we got tons of pictures, so it was a success!

After ice skating we headed to downtown Anderson for a change of scenery. It was 19 degrees, but they didn’t complain!

Kelsey and Kyle, you two are perfect for each other! I’m so happy for you guys!

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