Ivy & Greg /// Farm Maternity & Love Session


This session was a long time coming!  I first talked with Ivy last year.  They were planning a trip from NYC (where they live), to Indiana to visit Greg’s family.  While they were here, they wanted to do a session together.  (I LOVE when a couple simply wants beautiful images of the two of them. No rhyme or reason, just because.)  It was planned, but at the last minute, their flight was canceled and they couldn’t make the trip.  Ivy e-mailed me again a few months ago letting me know they were coming in and still would like to do a session.  And now, they’re expecting a new little one, so it made the session even more special.

They wanted a field, a barn, and corn.  Why?  Because Ivy grew up in Manhattan.  She’s always lived in the city, so she wanted something different and unique for their images.

Mission accomplished!   The session took place in the morning, just a bit after sunrise and goodness was the light AMAZING!!!  Fog lingered over the trees and the cloud-covered sky diffused the light beautifully.

They wanted a very fun, easy-going, and natural session, so they didn’t mind at all the dew on the grass.  Ivy threw off her shoes and didn’t bat an eyelash when we realized it was getting the bottom of her dress wet. 

I love how these images turned out and I’m more than happy I was able to provide these special photos for them while they were in Indiana.

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