It's killing me.


I’m living with my mom right now in my childhood home.  My childhood home that was always a home to a dog as well, until 3 years ago.  I love dogs, always have, and now more than ever, I’m just dying to have one.  My mom is allergic and says this home has finished its duty of housing a dog–they’re only allowed to visit.  I try often to convince her to let me get one.  The answer is always “nope.” (I’d also take a goat, a teacup pig, or a bunny, but she disagrees.)

She’s against having a dog completely, but yet she pins the following to Pinterest from across the room and says “Oh, Emily.  You have to see what I just pinned!”  Every. Night.

Evidence that she’s torturing me with photos of baby animals on Pinterest:




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It’s killing me.

  1. Andrew says:

    Who knew goats were actually cute at some point in their lives?

    • emily says:

      If only they would stay that small and adorable. 🙂

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