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First things first, let me say this: contrary to the name, Ivan & Louise Motherhood isn’t just about moms. It’s about families. I chose the name Ivan & Louise Motherhood because *motherhood* (my own experience as a mother) is what inspired the entire brand. Plus, Ivan & Louise Families just didn’t hold the same weight for me, so here we are – Ivan & Louise Motherhood. Ivan & Louise Motherhood is an inclusive brand for all families, however your family is made.

Indianapolis Family Photographers
Indianapolis Family Photographers

Before this brand, I photographed families occasionally, but it was mostly those classic holiday card photos. Doing anything and everything to get your little ones all looking at the same time. Which everyone wants a couple of, of course, but I never felt good about those sessions. There was just something missing. After I had my own children, I realized I so deeply craved photos of us together that made my heart skip a beat because of the realness, the rawness, the authenticity. Images that really remind you how you felt in that very moment, that remind you of what your children loved, what you spent time together doing, and those little personality traits of theirs you so badly want to hold on to. I wanted photos of myself and my babies, our family all together, and even just photos of the kids that just really spoke our truth.

I really want my photographs to also depict parenthood as much as childhood. Beyond the level of the adorable photo of Dad and your toddler cheek to cheek smiling. I’m talking on a much, much deeper level – images of the rituals you share together as a family, things you do together, the way things make you feel. Because your children will love photos of themselves when they’re little, but they’ll also really cherish photos of them with you.

My mission is provide you with photographs…

That truly show the big happy mess of family members so joyful you can almost hear the laughter.

That reflect the exhaustion yet beauty of mothering.

Of you and your partner – where it all began and the immeasurable amount of work it takes to be in this together.

That portray the sense of wonder and delight children have and their ability to live fully.

Overall, I want to show you that this life you’re living, the messy, chaotic, wild, and challenging life, is the most beautiful gift. And to do that, we have to partner together, collaborate, and connect in a way that allows me to tell these honest, beautiful stories of your family.

The typical family session process looks something like book the session, the photographer shows up, you take photos for an hour or so, and then they’re off and you can the photos in a few weeks. That’s completely normal and standard (and wonderful for some!), but this brand is about an entire experience.

It’s about making it a bit of a splurgy, fun, and special day. A way to make your session a special occasion and a sweet memory of a day with your family to hold onto forever. Not just a session that you’re all halfway dreading just to get a few great family smiling photos, but an experience to truly look forward to, get excited about, and truly just have fun.

Whether you’re wanting an hour long session at home, a 4 hour shoot with a more “day in the life” vibe + those beautifully guided & directed (in an authentic way) photos, or you want 1 shoot a month to tell the story of an entire year of your family. Whatever it is, we’re going to make it freaking amazing. To make it feel extra special, take the day off work, have donuts for breakfast, listen to fun music while you’re getting ready, and make it feel like the most magical family day ever.

Before your session, we’re going to schedule a time for a phone call or zoom chat so we can dive into who you are as a family, what you love, things that make your kids unique, what you spend your days doing together, and so on. You’ll also receive a questionnaire from me that’s short and sweet, but really fun and special to fill out, so grab a warm coffee in the morning or a glass of wine one evening and enjoy taking a few moments to reflect and share your heart. Between our call and the questionnaire, we’ll make a loose plan for your session together. Then, on the day of your shoot, I’ll arrive, ask your kiddos to give me a tour of your home (if we’re shooting at home) and essentially become best friends with them. I want to involve the kids as much as I involve you. I want them to participate, get excited, and know that I care about them, their wishes for the session, and just know they have another adult in their corner who listens & cares. Then we create images together through lots of little activities and joyful, funny “poses” (poses sounds so formal, but really it’s just me guiding you very naturally in ways that show your truth). We’ll find the best light, even if that means I toss a bed comforter on the floor in front of your back door! Maybe we’ve planned a few activities (like making cookies together or playing your favorite board game) but even if we hadn’t, if there’s a spark of inspiration, we’ll do it! Over the course of our time together, it’s likely at least one child will melt down, need a break, or just want nothing to do with photos and I promise you, that’s completely normal. Developmentally appropriate and everything. Promise. We’ll roll with it, give them a break, have a snack, whatever is needed. They’ll come back around and we’ll keep going! At the end, you’ll have made fun memories with your family and I suggest you celebrate! Go out to eat, order a pizza, toast a glass of champagne, whatever! Or, I’ll even stay for that part. Champagne toasts between parents and pizza sauce all over the toddler’s face? The perfect memories to have on film.

For me, these sessions are about the delicate dance between planning and letting flow & unravel and making magic happen and letting the magic happen in front of me. Let the weight of the chaos fall, dance with your babies, play, and let go. I cannot wait to share it all with you.

Cheers to all the memories, raw moments, and candid connections to be photographed this year. 2022 is going to be GOOD.

*And just as a couple disclaimers since it IS 2022: I’m fully vaccinated (and boostered) and happy to wear a mask + do what you feel best with regarding the pandemic for your session. Families are families no matter how they’re made. If you’re a 2 parent household, single parent, 2 moms, 2 dads – whatever it is, you’re valued and I’d love to photograph your family.

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