Hudson & Beckham


You might seriously have a heart attack after looking at how adorable these boys are. They’re unusually cute!

I’m not biased. Well…maybe I am. I AM related to them, but I’m pretty sure you’ll think they’re the most adorable brothers you’ve seen, too.

“Get me! Get me!” –>The first thing I heard when Hudson saw my camera. “Get me!” was followed by “I see me, I see me!” So, I’d show him the picture on my camera and he’d get so excited for the next shot.

I sure do love this family.

I watched this 2 year-old heart throb last summer. I mean…really? Look at those eyes!

I just love this one…

Seriously, can one get any cuter than this???

And behold…”the crunchy face”

Amanda and Jason, thank you so much for letting me photograph your handsome boys! It was great to spend time with all of you.

  1. trish weis says:

    How cute! This must have been a fun day!!!!

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