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I'm a photographer providing honest & authentic images that tell the stories of your connection
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Dear Anna,

About two weeks ago you texted me, asking if there was any possibly way I could fit you and your family in for a session the following Monday. Of course, I assured you that it wouldn’t be a problem at all. That Monday came, I met you all on Butler’s campus. It was raining, and by raining, I mean pouring. It wasn’t stopping. We pondered using umbrellas, worried about my camera gear getting wet, slipping on the rocks, and so on. Regardless, we all felt compelled to continue on with our plans. Once your brother got to the park, the rain stopped and we had a blast laughing and talking for the next hour and a half. When we were parting ways, we decided there was no way I’d be mailing you the disc of your images, we’d surely see each other. You had my pottery, I had your pictures-we’d have to meet up. This was last Monday, October 17th. The next day I heard from you saying you had an interview the following day! A very short notice, but high-potential interview in Chicago. I was delighted…so very excited for this possibility you might have. After your interview we exchanged text messages, myself asking you how it went, you responding with “Great!” and that you’d hear later that day. Later that day! As in…the same day as the interview! Just a few short hours later I received a text from you reading “I’m moving to Chicago!” My heart stopped-you had a job!!! You’d been searching and the perfect opportunity came about in such a short amount of time. You start that job, as a paralegal, this week. A week after your interview. There was a reason we went ahead and had the session despite the rain. None of us knew that in just a few short days you’d be on the fast track of interviewing, apartment hunting, and moving! I’m so proud of you. I’m proud of your patience as you waited out the job search for the job made just for you. I’m proud of the woman you are, the friend you’ve been, and the friend you’ll continue to be. I’ll be mailing your disc to you or your parents. We won’t be able to  meet for dinner for me to place it in your loving hands. I can’t thank you enough for the love you’ve shown me in the short amount of time we’ve known each other well. I admire your kindness, integrity, and graciousness. I will miss you so very, very much. I’ll miss our trips to paint pottery, our dinners in Indy discussing late-night nannying jobs and student teaching, our coffee-dates. I’ll miss just knowing that you’re 40 minutes away, not far at all…”just in case” I needed a chat, a listening ear, or an advice-giving friend. But do you know what I can’t wait for??? Trips up to see you! Christmas shopping in Chicago, sitting by your fireplace, taking strolls down the busy streets of Chicago, and taking a peek at where you will spend each day as a working woman…on Michigan Ave.! You’re so wonderful! Cheers to a fresh start and  a new beginning!

Love, love, love,


[UPDATE: I was able to grab coffee with you Monday to catch up and say “see you soon!” Absolutely loved seeing you, as always. So glad to hear your first day went well!]

And to the rest of you guys-this family ROCKS. They are full of bubbly personalities and are so welcoming. I laughed the entire time, which in my mind, means it was a success. 🙂

I told you they were fun…

And on the way down the steps, they asked if they could jump. I never refuse jumping!






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  1. Valerie says:

    Beautiful! Just beautiful! The writing, the photos, the family. You’re doing some amazing things. xoxo

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a photographer providing honest & authentic images that tell the stories of your connection

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