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I'm a photographer providing honest & authentic images that tell the stories of your connection
Hi, I'm Emily

2010 has stood as such a remarkable year for me. I think about what 2010 has been like for this business, I am absolutely blown away. I cannot believe that a year ago January 31st, I took my first “real” pictures. They were for a dear friend who was getting married, so I happily agreed to photograph her and her bridesmaids the day before her wedding. From then, by word-of-mouth, I began to get more inquiries about the services I offer. It quickly turned into a business. I am so thankful for that. I marvel at the fact that I was able to do this-I was able to turn a passion and true joy of mine into a business.

I’ve learned so much. The photographs I took a year ago are vastly different than they are today. I use completely different methods of editing today than I did then.  I have upgraded my equipment and editing software. I have learned through trial-and-error and I mean it when I say that’s exactly the way I want to learn.

At the beginning of this year, I approached each session with a sense of nervousness. I questioned my abilities. I worried about not providing images that you all would love. I had a lot of “what ifs” pacing through my mind and I have to say that a lot of that has diminished. It hasn’t completely disappeared-I’ve only been doing this for a year, but I know that as I continue to learn, I will become even more satisfied with what Emily Weis Photography has become.

I cannot believe how this business and the love affair I have with photography has changed who I am and how I view this world. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for what you’ve done for me. You’ve read my blog, you’ve booked sessions, you’ve spoken words of appreciation and encouragement, and you’ve shown me support.

I HAVE THE WORLD’S BEST CLIENTS. It’s true. At each and every session I’ve had fun, I’ve laughed, I’ve formed friendships, I’ve felt comfortable, and I’ve felt appreciated. And all of the e-mails, texts, and phone calls from you after your session? Honestly nothing better if you ask me. So, thank you. To each and every one of you.

For those of you who are interested, I’m now booking spring/summer/fall 2011 portrait sessions and weddings. It’s never too early—don’t wait until you want your photos taken to schedule them! How about making family photos in 2011 a New Year’s Resolution? Getting them on the calendar sooner rather than later will only make things easier for you!

A new year also means new pricing around here! Prices will officially change on Sunday, January 2nd. Book in the next 3 days to receive 2010 pricing for your session or wedding in 2011!

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  1. Candace says:

    you may use different techniques, but i still love those first photos as much today as i did then. i love when new people come into my home and look at the photos of that day (and the next) on my walls and tell me how great they are and then i get to tell them all about YOU 🙂 so proud of what you’ve accomplished in this year, emily weis!

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Hello, I'm

a photographer providing honest & authentic images that tell the stories of your connection

Inspired by the beauty of nature, the transition of a woman into motherhood, the wonders & curiosity of childhood, and the joys & challenges of family life, Emily creates photographs from a deep, soulful place rooted in connection and presence.

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