Mini Session Vs. Full Session – What’s Best for Your Family?


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After a weekend full of mini sessions, I thought it would be a great time to talk about the differences between mini sessions and full sessions for the families I work with. There are lots of differences, both big and small, and writing them out here might help you decide which is better for you and your family.


Mini sessions are 20 minutes long and I offer them a few times a year. They’re short, sweet, and simple. I choose the times that are offered as well as the location ahead of time. So you’re able to pick your time and just meet me at the location on the day of – easy peasy. They’re great if you’re wanting just a few images and a quick experience! If you can’t fit a full session into your schedule or you’re not able to invest in a full session, but still want to work with me, these are perfect. They’re also great for a quick maternity session if it lines up well with your due date!


Full sessions are much more of a personalized experience. From start to finish, we work together to craft a special time for your family to create memories and art together. These are best for those wanting to really encapsulate this season of life, are wanting a slower pace, and a more relaxed experience. We’ll create a time together that feels honest and authentic in a way that brings you so much peace and joy. These are more of a celebratory experience for your family and a great time to really make a day out of it, take the day off work, share delicious meals together, set off on a little adventure, and take time to notice the little moments of awe in your everyday. They’re also great for children who need a bit of time to warm up or might prefer their home or more everyday activities. 

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