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I'm a photographer providing honest & authentic images that tell the stories of your connection
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JK & Megan


Ceremony + Reception: Woodstock Country Club

Indianapolis, IN


Megan and JK are married!  I took their engagement photos in the library, remember?  They had a beautiful, late-morning ceremony in March, followed by a brunch reception at the Woodstock Country Club, across from the Indianapolis Museum of Art.  I am so thankful I was able to capture their wedding day.  After meeting them for the first time during their engagement session, I knew this wedding would be one I would be blessed to be a part of.  Megan and JK have been together since high school and have been through so much together.  They were so excited to finally make this life-long commitment to one another.

Megan sent her two flower girls down to meet JK with a special gift.  She had presented him with a note she had written years ago to her future husband, the book Little Blue, Little Yellow,  in addition to a handmade handkerchief.  An incredibly meaningful gift. 

After using my second-shooter, Andrew’s, pocket knife to open his pocket, he slowly placed the handkerchief in his pocket, where it remained for the rest of their day. 

Next, it was Megan’s turn to read a tear-jerking note from JK–one in which he mentioned the same book she had just given him.

Megan and her mom made this veil, which made this moment even more special. 

The emotion.  It kills me! 🙂 

Notice the handkerchief? 

These two were the writers and speakers of the best speeches I’ve yet to hear. 

Oh, if you missed this one on Facebook, I’ve included it in the blog post just for you.  JK tossed Megan’s boquet straight towards my face.  Thankfully, it hit my lens and thankfully, Canon has hardcore lenses.  Just look at his expression.  It clearly wasn’t an accident. 😉 


Megan & JK have a business that I will share will you later this week.  They designed my new business cards, which I’ll show you as well!  They are fun, off-beat, and happy.  Exactly what I wanted, but this isn’t a blog post about my business cards, it’s a post about Megan & JK and their celebration of love!


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  1. nithila says:

    great pictures emily… glad you included in pictures of megan reading her letter and jk with the handerchief and megan’s gift,and there are 2 others with their responding to vivekka and virankha, that are personally very special to me… i so resonate with your comment on the speeches we heard that day, and have already found my first favorite image of the couple in this selection, as I know them… take care Nithila

  2. nithila says:

    oops! forgot to mention one more thing – in my years on earth, it was our first witness of a completely western wedding from the inside, and i witnessed such pure moments of love – it did take my breath away repeatedly and filled my heart for many years to come… thanks megan and Jk!!

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