Megan & JK…engaged!


Oh, Megan and JK!  They’re so great!

Megan got in touch with me not too long ago, thanks to a super-great guy named James.

From my e-mails with Megan, I knew they’d be a couple I’d really enjoy working with.  Their engagement session did not disappoint, despite two libraries being closed.   We had to move to our third option (which ended up working out for the best).  Something I learned during this session:  I don’t speak to my clients/new friends quietly.  I found it so difficult to whisper.  We were in a library, so I had no choice, but it was hard!

Anyway, here are Megan and JK! Enjoy!

That hot chocolate?  Made with Nutella.  Heavenly. 

Megan and JK are also working with me on a project that I’m excited to share soon!

I’m so thankful I’m able to partner with them on it!

(See…I told you I like to become friends with my clients. I wasn’t kidding!)

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