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I'm a photographer providing honest & authentic images that tell the stories of your connection
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Back in December, we got a puppy.  She’s the sweetest thing and we just adore her! She’s a mini goldendoodle with such a fun personality and we wanted to show her off to you! We also want to keep track of her growing and what better place to do that than the blog?

Meet Ellie Jane. Also known as “Ellie Jelly” 

This was the day we brought her home.  She was just 6 and a half weeks old at the time. She weighed 5 pounds, was clearly scared, and didn’t know what to think of us just yet. 

elliefirstday (1 of 3)elliefirstday (2 of 3)elliefirstday (3 of 3)

And here she is a month later!  Mid-January. She weighed about 8 or 9 pounds at this point. She winks a lot, too. 😉 

elliejan10 (1 of 4)elliejan10 (2 of 4)elliejan10 (3 of 4)

These were taken just yesterday.  She’s grown so much!  She weighs about 13 pounds now! She’ll eventually get to around 30 pounds.  They say they’re usually full-grown by 10 months.

elliefeb20 (3 of 22)elliefeb20 (5 of 22)elliefeb20 (7 of 22)elliefeb20 (11 of 22)We think she’s pretty great!  We’ve spent more time on our kitchen floor than we ever thought possible and more weekends at home, but it’s totally worth it.  She knows “sit”, “kisses”, “shake”, and occasionally “come” (I think she has selective hearing).  She whines at the back door when she needs to go out–thank goodness–and she sleeps through the night beautifully.  She hasn’t quite mastered “stay” and she’s doesn’t do so well on walks just yet (alllllll she does is sniff and wander), but we’re getting there with those things! She’s such a fun-loving dog and is obsessed with people.  She even loves the vet.  Despite the fact that they give her shots, she thinks they’re the best people on the planet.  

We’ve been asked often where she came from.  We got her from Country Mini Goldendoodles. They were fantastic to work with.  We were on a waiting list for a few months and were thrilled when we got the call that we were next up.  We had the choice of having the last girl in the litter or choosing between a few boys.  We chose the last girl.  It’s so strange to think that she was passed up by four other families!  I can’t believe it! 🙂 Country Mini Goldendoodles are always willing to answer any questions you have via text and always respond promptly.  I texted them probably 20 times in the first 48 hours. Oops!  But they always responded and reassured me! We also think we’ve chosen the best vet around to take care of her.  All-Star Vet in Westfield is where it’s at! We love them just as much as Ellie does.  

We’ll be blogging more about her of course! Hope you enjoyed meeting our girl! 




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  1. stacey castor says:

    Can’t wait to see her again!

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a photographer providing honest & authentic images that tell the stories of your connection

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