Mandie & Levi…married!


Mandie & Levi’s wedding was 100% them.  It was held at a hidden gem of a location in Danville, Indiana called the Blanton House.  It’s a beautiful house on an amazing piece of land that fit Mandie & Levi’s style perfectly.  The two of them put so much time, energy, and effort into making their wedding day exactly what they envisioned.  From the location, to Mandie’s dress, the table decorations, the vintage couch used for family pictures, the Poloarid guest book, to the yard games.  It was a blast for everyone who was present and I heard many times, “This is the best wedding I’ve ever been to!”


Mandie & Levi chose to do a first-look.  They had a moment to themselves to see each other for the first time, share their initial reactions, and then for Levi to surprise his bride with a gift she had no idea she’d be receiving–a pearl bracelet to compliment her engagement ring and wedding day necklace.

They rented a couch from Violet Vintage that was a huge hit!  I had never heard of Violet Vintage, but wow!  I’ll definitely be recommending them to others.  They delivered the couch the morning of the wedding and we were able to use it for family photos as well as for some shots of the bride and groom.  I noticed quite a few guests posing for their own shots later in the evening, too. 🙂

Did I mention all of the amazing details Mandie & Levi created? 

And sky lanterns to end the night…perfection!

  1. Shelby says:

    Emily! These pictures are beautiful!!!

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