Liz & Justin /// Indianapolis City Market Engagement Session

  1. Mike Walsh says:

    Great pics guys! Looking forward to the wedding!

  2. Leanna Walsh says:

    These two are so cute, and we cannot wait for them to tie the knot!

  3. Susanne Crotty says:

    You guys are a beautiful couple!! We cannot wait to celebrate your special day with you!!

  4. Cindy says:

    There wonderful pictures, so many nice poses, we loved them.

  5. Cindy Werner says:

    Beautiful pictures, turned out great!

  6. Theresa Werner says:

    Adorable photos of the loving couple. Great colors and the black and white pictures look very classic. Cannot wait for the wedding and all the great photos of your cute nieces and nephews beautiful sisters!

  7. Katherine O'Malley says:

    Liz–You are so beautiful in these pictures…Justin also is very dashing.

  8. Katherine O'Malley says:

    I have so many favorites! I love the candid shots, but the ones where you are just looking into the camera, very serious, is my all time favorite.

  9. Kris Siuciak says:

    What great pictures! You look totally in LOVE!

  10. Laurie Davies says:

    Wow…these are amazing shots. The two of you are a stunning couple. I can’t wait to see the loads of wedding pictures. City Market was a fun place for pictures.

  11. Lynn Chandler says:

    Love all of the pics!! You make a wonderful couple!! Can’t wait until the wedding.

  12. Rick Chandler says:

    Like the pics. Really like the ones outside.

  13. Dusty Proctor says:

    Love all of them, especially the candid shots! What natural beauty the photographer captured!

  14. Crystal Benner says:

    Love the pics! You guys look so happy!
    Liz you are so beautiful ( :

  15. Briitany Bagbey says:

    Love these pics! You guys look amazing, like always. Liz you are break taking…Justin you don’t look too bad yourself. Anxious to celebrate the big day! Love you guys!!

  16. Ken Davies says:

    Great pictures! Congrats

  17. Chad Anspach says:

    Great pictures!

  18. Erin Anspach says:

    My favorite is the one at City Market where Liz’s head is tilted back. Gorgeous!

  19. Sue Barbarich says:

    Love the black and white pictures. You two look so happy! Can’t wait until the wedding!

  20. Diane Walsh says:

    Looooove these pictures of Justin and Liz! Two special people!!!!

  21. Adelaide says:

    Aunt Liz-these pictures are so romantic. I cannot wait for your wedding!

  22. Rhea Proctor says:

    Gorgeous pics Liz! Love the matching outfits! 🙂

  23. Susan Rheaume says:

    Katherine just shared these with me – gorgeous!!! I love all the black and whites, but my favorites are you in green dress hands on Justin’s knee- you look giddy with excitement. Also, the one of you and Justin off to left, you in black dress and Justin in checkered shirt with tables in background – you both just look purely happy and in love. Great pics, so happy for you both!

  24. Aidan O'Malley says:

    I hope I get to marry such a beautiful lady someday!

  25. Grace O'Malley says:

    I hope I get to marry such a handsome guy someday!

  26. Aidan and Grace O'Malley says:

    We love our Aunt Liz, and we cannot wait to call Justin “Old Uncle Justin”!

  27. Amanda Rogers says:

    You both look great!! Love the city market location!

  28. Susan Best says:

    I think the pictures are great! I thought that was Eagle Creek!

  29. Susan Best says:

    Just think, Elizabeth Chandler!

  30. Brittany Brooks says:

    Love! Amazing locations!

  31. Emily Zdyb says:

    What a gorgeous bride you will be! I love the pictures. Beautiful work!

  32. Rebecca Joslyn says:

    Love the pics…you guys look great! Can’t wait for June 🙂

  33. Emily Stephens says:

    Liz and Justin…you look amazing! I ca’t wait to celebrate with you!=)

  34. Alexa Proctor says:

    beautiful pictures! congrats 🙂

  35. Josh Dunnewold says:

    great pics guys! you both look fantastic!

  36. Marjorie Jeffers says:

    Congratulations! The pictures are all great and what an interesting place.

  37. don and pat says:

    Great pictures we enjoyed them you both look good looking forward seeing you both soon.Don and Pat-Matt

  38. Andrew Gassman says:

    You two look wonderful. Cannot wait to see you at the wedding.

  39. Joe Werner says:

    Nice pictures. Couldn’t done better myself.

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