John & Julie…engaged!


It was an absolute pleasure to photograph John & Julie’s engagement pictures.  Julie was in the wedding I shot this past Saturday, so Erica sent her my way and I’m so very glad she did!  John & Julie live in downtown Indianapolis, so they wanted their photos to be around the city in a couple of locations.  Not a problem if you ask me–I love downtown!

How cute are they???

Watch your eyes—massive color party comin’ at ya in these next few!

Thanks for your participation in the next shot, guys!

If you know me, you know that I’m always searching for some yellow during my photo sessions.  Julie wore the perfect shirt and we happened to find some great yellow to work with later on in the session! 

John and Julie,  I had such a great time photographing you two and LOVED the extra time we got to chat this past weekend at Erica’s wedding!  Also, a big thanks to Julie’s mom for having the most adorable dog and thank you, Julie, for helping me convince my mom we need one.  You guys are the greatest.

Check out Julie’s awesome blog, here!  So much fun.

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