Jenny & Chris /// St. Louis Engagement Photography

  1. Julie Troyer says:

    Well these are basically the cutest pictures I’ve ever seen. And who is Indy’s veterinarian? He looks super healthy.

  2. Cathy Troyer says:

    I love Indy!

  3. Mary Troyer says:

    the last one is my favorite!!!

  4. Carrye Troyer says:

    These are so cute!!!! Indy looks great

    I like the one at the bottom the best 🙂

  5. Linda Lloyd says:

    These pictures are beautiful! Especially like the bicycle pictures!!

  6. Brenda Troyer says:

    These pictures are adorable!! I love them all!!

  7. Aaron Dy says:

    Love it! I’m going to break the mold and pick the bike riding as my favorite.

  8. Emily schultheis says:

    The most precious!!! <3333

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