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I'm a photographer providing honest & authentic images that tell the stories of your connection
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Do you remember the couple who “proposed” to me to be their wedding photographer?  Yep, that’s Kelly & Adam! On top of the awesome proposal letter, their engagement session was nothing short of awesome, and their wedding proved to be just as lovely.

Kelly & Adam, thank you so very much for having us capture your day, the amazing hospitality, and a day full of laughter.  We are so happy for both of you and hope these images are cherished for years to come.

Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(1-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(3-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(9-of-142)Everyone got ready at Fountainview Inn in Fountain Square.  Every room is different and very uniquely designed.  An  incredible space! Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(3-of-4)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(10-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(11-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(12-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(13-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(4-of-4)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(14-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(15-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(17-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(18-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(20-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(24-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(28-of-142)Kelly & Adam decided on a first look.  They chose to do it in the little space across the street from the Inn.  Their family could watch from the windows upstairs, which made it extra fun. 🙂

Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(31-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(32-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(33-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(34-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(35-of-142) Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(38-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(39-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(43-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(45-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(47-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(48-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(53-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(60-of-142)They arranged for us to shoot in the library, since we knew it would be extremely cold outside.  The library is stunning and made for the perfect background for the style of Kelly & Adam’s wedding. The only difficult part about shooting there was that it required I talk quietly or whisper.  For those of you who have been photographed by me, you know I’m not the best at being super quiet while I direct you. 🙂 Oops!Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(63-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(65-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(66-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(68-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(69-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(73-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(74-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(76-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(81-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(87-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(88-of-142)Kelly had hoped and hoped for snow–she got her wish!  It was beautiful out, we couldn’t resist stepping outside for a few photos. They all were such troopers and didn’t complain once! Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(90-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(91-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(93-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(97-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(98-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(100-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(102-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(104-of-142)Worth it!Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(107-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(111-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(112-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(114-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(115-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(116-of-142)And then off to the party!  Their reception was held at The Rathskeller downtown and I loved the outdoor touch they brought inside with the pinecones. Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(119-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(129-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(130-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(131-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(132-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(136-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(137-of-142)Endless Summer Band was there to make the party and my goodness…it was AMAZING!  They were such a blast and truly had everyone on the dance floor the whole night. Kelly put Adam up to singing on the stage–think she was excited about it? 🙂  The perfect end to the perfect wedding day. Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(138-of-142)Indianapolis-Wedding-Photographers-(4-of-5)

//  Indianapolis  //


Getting Ready Location   ///   Fountainview Inn

Hair   ///   Shear Organix Hair, Ashley Lease

Church   ///   Allisonville Christian Church

Venue  &   Catering ///  The Rathskeller

Videography   ///   Two Are Better

Cake & Cupcakes  ///  homemade

Band ///  Endless Summer Band

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  1. I definitely went to high school with Adam and my sophomore year after a choir concert I was backing out of a parallel parking spot and I definitely ran into his car and broke his front license plate cover. At least I think that was him! Regardless he was super nice about it and when my mom offered to buy him a new license plate cover he turned it down because he’s just that nice.

    • Emily Weis says:

      Oh how funny, Jackie! It wouldn’t surprise me if it were him–the fact that he turned down your mom’s offer, is something I could definitely see him doing. It’s so, so kind!

  2. Beautiful romantic photos

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