Meet Emily

Hello!  My name is Emily and I’m a fine-art wedding photojournalist & natural lifestyle photographer based in my home of Central Indiana.  I’m so happy you’re here.  Take a minute to learn more about me & my photography, then shoot me an e-mail. I’m excited to capture this amazing time in your life!


Life is a true adventure.  It’s so surreal to me to think that I’m one of those lucky individuals who has found a job I truly love & enjoy.  I’ve always been creative and it’s forever been something I’ve naturally been drawn towards.  I loved art when I was little, would spend hours creating, and spent many, many hours performing as a dancer.  I thrived in school, loved classes, and went to college for education.  There was always a little something missing in my heart during those few years post-dancing, pre-photography, which lacked creativity, in a sense.  After discovering photography, I came alive.  Photography is so much more to me than “work”.  It’s more than camera settings, poses, and taking a photograph.  It’s an art form, a love, and fire that ignites my soul.  It’s a beautiful thing & I hope to share that with you through this blog and hopefully by having the chance to photograph you.

Over the past few years, from purchasing my first camera, to having been given the opportunity to photograph so many genuine and loving people, I’m so incredibly blessed to be the owner of my own business.   Thank you for trusting me to tell your story and photograph your favorite days of your lives.  I’m so, so thankful for you.


Who I Am + What I love

//  vanilla latte lover  //  madewell + anthropologie  //  dreamer  //  love notes  //  kindergarten teacher  //  naps  //  fireplace fires + a cozy blanket  //  candy  //  blog reader  //  yoga  //  Kinfolk  //  future gardener  //  movie theater popcorn & Coke //  happy socks  //  lovely people  //