Down to Earth Granola (recipe)


I’m a lover of some good, organic, plain yogurt topped with granola (and the occasional toss-in of some fresh fruit).  I’ve tried so many different kinds of granola and have never found one I wanted to stick with.  I’d rather not have one with preservatives or tons and tons of sugar.  My mom found a recipe from a friend that didn’t seem to be difficult.  We tweaked it a bit and came up with this.  The recipe said to bake it for 40 minutes.  We chose 20 so that it wasn’t so hard (one of the things I wasn’t a fan of with the granolas I’ve tried).  20 minutes was perfect!

This granola smells wonderful and tastes 10 times better.  By far the best I’ve had–and like I said, I’ve tried many!

Grab the few items you’ll need and make this ASAP.  You won’t regret it!

The recipe this one was based off of was a photocopy from a magazine and I cannot read what the title of the magazine is.  If you know, please pass along that information so I can give them credit!

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