a note to the dodge van


Dear Yellow/Orange Dodge Van,

You are full of so much character. Your location is situated in the perfect place next to a fantastically old, rustic barn. Your color makes me smile, your rusty paintball markings make me curious, and overall, there is something intriguing about you that makes me interested in your history. I like you, or…I liked you. That was before I took a family to your location for a photo session. By working to get the best shot and perfect angle, I laid down on the lengthy, scratchy, grass and hay that lies beneath you. And then…I got chiggers. From that moment on, I haven’t been able to decide how I feel about you. Maybe I’ll visit you in the winter when burrowing bugs no longer reside on your property. Maybe I’ll simply drive by and take pictures of you from my car. Maybe I won’t come visit any longer at all. Well…actually, wait a second. I take that back. I’ll return to you much sooner than later because I happen to like you just a weee-bit too much. I’ll just be wearing jeans and boots and there will be no lying on the ground. Until then, I’ll cover my chiggers with clear nail polish, be grateful for the shots I got by lying down, and move on.

Yours Truly,


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