A First Look With Your Bridesmaids: All the Reasons You Should Do One!

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First looks between couples has been a “thing” for years now, but doing a first look with your bridesmaids can add a few extra-sweet moment to your day, too!

Whether you have 3 bridesmaids or 10, after the morning hustle and bustle of getting ready, taking a moment away to get dressed can be so, so beneficial. Taking a moment to yourself to take a breather and having special, quality time with your mom, grandma, and/or maid of honor while you get dressed can be so life-giving. When James and I got married, my bridesmaids were getting dressed while I was in a separate space with just my mom. Just having a few quiet moments with her was everything I needed and I truly remember those few minutes on our busy wedding day morning. It was just what you need before the rest of the day began.

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Doing a fun reveal with your bridesmaids gives you and your girls time for those special moments and conversations, too! Your ladies will be so thrilled to see you with your dress on and hair and makeup done.

Bridesmaid First Look Bridesmaid Reveal
Bridesmaid first look bridesmaid reveal
Bridesmaid first look bridesmaid reveal

Wedding days go so quickly, so taking the time to just soak up little moments with those dearest to you will make your wedding day memories last forever.

And of course, as photographers, we just adore the sweet photos a first look with your bridesmaids creates, wouldn’t you agree?

bridesmaid reveal
bridesmaid first look

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